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About the Minardi Family

The Minardi Historic Winery in Frascati

Our family, the Minardi Family, is one of Frascati’s oldest and best-known families. Historically they were landowners and vintners, owning much of what is now Frascati DOCG terrain. They earned themselves the saying ‘Minardi la mattina presto e la sera tardi’, which stands for “Minardi early at morning and late at night”, describing their strong work ethic on the land.

Our family began making wine at the Minardi Winery in the 19th century and continued until 2010 when we have started bottling our wine for the first time. Before our wine was like all traditional Frascati wine; filled in different flasks and barrels, it was bought on location in Frascati’s traditional taverns, called ‘Fraschette’, where people brought their own food and were served the house wine. The Minardis once owned a Fraschetta in the old town of Frascati, but they mainly sold their wine from their own cellar.

The last generation of owners of the Minardi Winery is made up by the sisters Nadia and Anna Minardi and their families. Anna lives in New York City. Her family runs an Italian Restaurant in Manhattan, “Sandro’s”, chaired by Anna’s husband, the well known Chef Sandro Fioriti, which is now supported by their son Sandro Jr.

Nadia lives in the Minardi Winery with her family.  Her husband Umberto is the current winemaker of the vineyard and a passionate of the traditions of his land.

The Minardi family will guide you into an authentic wine & food experience in the land of the “Golden Wine” of Rome!

Meet the Minardis: we will share with you our passion for Wines, food,  the vineyard and the land!

Also, if you are French speaking and fancy a Tour of Rome or its surroundings, please check out our friend’s website for some quality guided tours in French.

Book your Wine Tour or contact us for a private Event at the Minardi Winery in Frascati:


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