The Minardi Historic Winery

Frascati Wine terrain

Where our Frascati Wine comes from

The Minardi Historic Winery or ‘Antico Casale Minardi  is situated on a patchwork of pristine Frascati DOCG wine terrain in the heart of the “Castelli Romani” area. Just a short train ride from Rome, the Castelli Romani is a group of hills that surround the Eternal City, each with a hilltop village and the countryside dotted with vineyards and olive groves. Here, where wine making and olive oil are family traditions, the fertile volcanic soils have produced wine for centuries.

The Minardi Historic Winery is one the oldest and most authentic farmhouse in Frascati: it boasts an old cellar which keeps all the gear used by generations of winemakers. The old fermentation room of the cellar is now a comfortable wine tasting room also available for organizing private events. You will also enjoy the views on our beautiful panoramic deck, overlooking the whole city of Rome and the mountains above the ancient city of Tivoli. The Minardi Historic Winery is now a sort of “Wine Museum” surrounded by ancient vineyards and olive groves, as we currently do the wine-making process in the modern wine-making premises in Frascati’s area. Also a nice horses ranch borders with our property!

Villas, villages, olive groves and rustic Italian wineries, all invite you into the heart of Italy!

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